Omega-3 Index

The Omega-3 index is an important indicator of wellness.

The Omega-3 Index is a diagnostic tool that provides feedback on an individual’s omega-3 status. By recording the percentage concentration of omega-3 in red blood cells, the Omega-3 Index provides a useful indication of a person’s long-term intake of omega-3s.

In one study (see image above), participants started out with an average Omega-3 Index of 2.0, a relatively low value. After 8 weeks of daily supplementation with 2 grams of Superba™ Krill, the average index went up to 4.5, an increase of 125%. In fact, an increase of 45% in the Omega-3 Index was seen after just 2 weeks. These observations show that the omega-3s from Superba™ Krill are taken up from the gut to the blood stream and that EPA & DHA are incorporated into cells.

Because the Omega-3 Index reflects the incorporation of omega-3 in cell membranes, which provide numerous health benefits, the Omega-3 Index is suggested to correlate with both the health of the body and its omega-3 status. In other words, an improvement of the ratio of EPA and DHA to other fatty acids in the cell membrane is a strong indicator of a person’s state of health.