Controlled Value Chain

Aker BioMarine maintains full control over the production of Superba™, from harvest to processing to encapsulation.

Aker BioMarine’s fishing operations are conducted with full transparency, giving stakeholders confidence that the business is well-managed. This drive toward transparency is the foundation of Aker’s guarantee of 100% traceability of Superba™ Krill from sea to shelf. By controlling the entire supply chain, from harvesting krill, processing raw materials, logistics, final processing, product specifications and internal and external audits, Aker BioMarine is able to guarantee the highest level of quality and quality assurance of Superba™ Krill products. Part of that guarantee revolves around traceability, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s market. As a result of this integrated activity, Aker has the ability to trace all end-products back to the exact location of harvest through its sophisticated GPS system aboard each vessel.